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Phil’s Team Approach

Phil Brings a Successful Team Approach to Your Move
A home sale or purchase in today’s complex and fast moving world has MANY moving parts, it has many third party entities involved, each performing their specific role in the transaction. It’s like a complex machine that has to be carefully monitored and controlled. That’s why Phil brings a powerful and effective TEAM approach to keep your move on track to a successful close.

Innovator and a Pioneer
Phil has seen the real estate industry grow over 3 decades. In fact, he’s been at the forefront and vanguard of many innovations in the industry. He’s one of the pioneers of the team approach in real estate. It’s this innovation that is one of the key reasons he’s been able to help over 7,000 families with their moves.

Building a High Performing Team
Phil hand selects each team member he brings on, and strategically trains that team member to excel in the specific role he or she plays in your transaction. Each specialist monitors and guides the part of the transaction they are responsible for to a successful conclusion. Because Phil has several highly trained and talented members overlooking your transaction, nothing falls through the cracks, no details are over looked or missed. Team members work together and have each other’s backs.

Peace of Mind for Your Move
It’s a beautiful thing to watch, but even more beautiful is the peace of mind it will bring you as your home sale or purchase successfully marches forward. All those focused team members professionally handling their roles allows Phil to stay on top of all of his transactions, guiding every home sale or purchase to a successful conclusion. It allows him to see the big picture and not get lost in the weeds like a single agent trying to handle all the myriad details and steps in a complicated real estate transaction.

The Key to Phil’s Successful 30 plus Year Career
Truth is, you don’t have a 30 plus year successful career, you don’t get the opportunity to help over 7,000 families with their move, you don’t become a nationally renown real estate professional unless you are good at what you do. That’s the Phil Herman Phenomenon. A highly trained team approach gets it done for you. That’s the Phil Herman way. You’ll love the confidence it will bring to your move!

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