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Phil Herman

So When You Hire Phil Herman, What Are You Getting?
Make no mistake. The right Realtor® provides the experience and knowledge that can make or save you thousands of dollars!

When you bring on Phil Herman to help you with your home sale or purchase, you’re getting much more than a typical real estate agent. Much more.

What you get:

• The expertise, insights and knowledge that comes with helping over 7,000 families with their real estate transactions

• The leverage and clout of a nationally renown agent who other agents seek out for his coaching and consultation

• An international best selling author who wrote a book sharing that expertise and knowledge with agents across the globe

A great real estate experience, knowing that the stellar Phil Herman Team is backing up and supporting Phil every step of your transaction

A driven professional, passionate about his work helping families like yours, focused on helping you succeed

That’s the Phil Herman Difference.
It’s the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are working with the best, and having that much firepower and clout working on your home sale or purchase. It’s an amazing difference. If you want to harness that wealth of knowledge to help you buy or sell your home, simply fill out this form and Phil will reach out to you to set up a no-obligation consultation to discuss your move.

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