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Phil Herman
Phil Herman

When it comes to Tri-Metro Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus real estate, Phil Herman is the Authority.

As one of the nation’s leading real estate professionals with a passion for life in Southwest/Central Ohio’s major Tri-Metropolitan area of Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus, Phil Herman knows how to help you make the most of your home buying or selling opportunities.

For over a quarter century, Phil Herman has been a leader in this region’s real estate markets.

For many residents of the Tri-Metro Area of Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus, Phil Herman is known as the real estate AUTHORITY. For Phil, the long and winding road to becoming one of Southwest/Central Ohio’s best-known and successful businessmen has taught him volumes. Some of those lessons were, indeed, hard and painful, but they were always approached with an upbeat attitude and a “success is not a destination, it’s a never-ending journey” mindset. With this perspective on life, Phil has strived to be the best father to his son, Taylor, and the most effective resource to his clients who depend on him for one of life’s most important investments.

Humble Beginnings

Phil—one of six children born into a working class family—had to travel a long and twisting road to achieve the national success he’s achieved in the real estate industry. He learned early on that anything worth attaining was worth working hard to achieve. In high school he struggled to make the wrestling team. Phil was unhappy; he expected more from himself, he wanted to contribute more to the team. But the other wrestlers seemed much faster and stronger. He took a job bagging groceries after school to earn tuition to a top wrestling clinic. With hard work and determination, it wasn’t long before he was in the top of his field, even winning 32 consecutive matches his senior year.

Personal Best

This boyhood story provides a keen insight into what makes Phil tick. With high expectations for himself, he sets his sights on a goal and works hard at doing whatever it takes to achieve it. It’s a matter of constantly striving for his personal best in everything he does. It’s Phil’s nature to want to succeed. It’s sheer determination and discipline that propel him there.

Fulfilling Career

Prior to becoming one of the Nation’s Top real estate professionals, Phil served in the military and then attended Ohio University, where he started cultivating his passion for business. On the recommendation and advice of a mentor, Phil took a temporary position in a local real estate firm. However, his quick aptitude and enthusiastic drive quickly pushed him to the top. He had found a career where he was a natural; his personable nature, his disciplined work ethic, and his sharp business sense earned him a place as a frontrunner in his field. What started out as a temporary position turned into a long and fulfilling career.

THE Real Estate Authority!

Over three decades serving the real estate needs of Southwest/Central Ohio families has made Phil a respected Realtor® in the area. Phil has made a name for himself as the area’s leading real estate professional, building a solid reputation for providing the finest service when helping people with their important move. His hard work and focus also made him a nationally known real estate professional, too. In fact, his resume is impressive:

• Phil has helped over 7,000 families successfully buy or sell their home (Nationally, the average agent sells 6 homes a year).

• He’s been ranked in the Top 100 Agents in the nation by Realtor® Magazine 3 years straight (out of 1 million agents).

• He has led a field of 3,000 real estate professionals 27 years straight.

• He is Harvard Trained in the field of Negotiation.

A Different Approach to Real Estate
Phil sees himself differently too. “I see myself as an “expert advisor,” more like a consultant than a sales person,” he explains. The approach is more akin to a financial advisor, trial attorney, architect, or a heart specialist, that is, he’s worked all his career to become a renown specialist whose expertise people seek out. “I bring all my decades of experience, insights and knowledge to my clients and give them the right expert information to help them become even better home sellers and buyers, and help them make strong sound decisions to benefit themselves and their families,” he adds.

A Respected Professional

Buying or selling your home is perhaps one of the most important investments you make during your lifetime. It makes perfect sense to turn to a real estate expert and one of the region’s leading REALTORS,® Phil Herman. He’s a trusted and respected professional—a trusted authority. Call Phil for your next move.

Phil’s vast real estate experience in the Tri-Metro Area of Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus gives you a distinct advantage when buying or selling a home. Put 30 years of experience and expertise to work for you.

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